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David Nazar
David Nazar

David Nazar, Hypercel's founder, president, and chief executive officer, is well known in the global wireless & communications industry. He is best recognized for his market innovations and partnerships worldwide. An entrepreneurial spirit by nature and a corporate manager by conviction, Nazar was at the forefront of several technological breakthroughs, including the system architecture design of the first Motorola IC chip chargers, which has become a standard in the marketplace.

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Susan Bautista
Susan Bautista

Susan Bautista is the Controller of Hypercel. She has over 20 years of accounting experience, and is a graduate from the Philippine School of Business Administration, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting.

Susan is a dedicated employee, and was with her last employer, Ladd Diamonds Inc., for over 10 years; she held the position of office manager, and handled the financial books of the company.

She believes in the saying "Time is Gold," for she accomplishes all work right away as if there is no tomorrow. Susan is the ever-helpful co-worker to everyone, with a charming smile.

Family is important to Susan, who has been married for 18 years and has two children. Growing up with strong family ties is what keeps Susan grounded and provides her with strength, in- and outside of work.

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Sam Onda
Sam Onda
Vice President

Sam S. Onda brings a wealth of experience in business development and leadership to Hypercel. As the managing director of a multi-million-dollar export firm for eight years, he successfully managed over 10 management level employees, directed orders to staff members, and effectively exported USA-manufactured performance automotive products to multi-chain automotive franchises in Japan.

In addition, Sam served as vice president / COO at KMC World Network, Inc. for 10 years, assisting clients and launching dozens of new private-label apparel lines in the competitive global textile industry. Prior to earning the titles of vice president and COO, Sam served as an advisor to and general manager for KMC for five years, during which time he was instrumental in advancing the remarkable growth of the company.

"By holding true to the underlying words, I have not only accomplished my personal goals but enhanced my dedication to Hypercel's valued clients. The motto I continually stress to our staff is "Do It Now, Not Tomorrow." If we continue to uphold a positive attitude every day, it will be a 'win-win' result for our clients and for Hypercel."

  • Always give more than is expected of you.

  • Have a passion for whatever you do.

  • Believe that what you do matters, and that it will make a difference.

  • Give your best, and expect the best of everyone around you.

  • Always follow through and follow up.

  • Last but not least, "The Customer is King!"

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Andrew Caddy
Andrew Caddy
Director Information Technology Information and data are kept flowing due to Andy's many years of experience in systems management, web development, and systems integration. He brings a unique understanding of how back-end, UI,UX and Full Stack systems work and relate to each other. Andy lives within the computer realm, and spends most of his time confined to a pair of 24-inch monitors, while listening to an overclocked processor.
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